Magnolia Charter School's View on STEM Based Education

Both the topics of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, math) and STEAM (the same with the arts added in) are big in the world currently and have many different proponents on each side of the argument of which is better. Looking at both, it makes sense that STEAM is a better overall concept.

STEAM adds the arts into the typical STEM education, making students better-rounded. Different facets of the arts, such as music, dance, visual art, acting and many more can add to the methods available to teach and also put into practice the STEM lessons that are being presented. For example, by using painting to teach a math or science concept, can help students remember what they are learning as well as help differentiate and ‘give another view’ of the topic for students who might have a harder time with the concept.

It has been proven that students score higher on tests if they have the arts included in their education. Students who had 4 years of the arts in high school were found to score 98 points higher on their SAT than those without the arts. The scores on verbal and math sections of the same test were higher, specifically for those who studied music in school.  Along with higher test scores, it has been found that students have better school attendance when the arts are part of their academics. Not everyone is a scholar in math or writing, but adding in the arts can make the students want to be at school every day, beyond the traditional STEAM classroom instruction.

By adding the arts to STEM, more parts of the brain are stimulated and more is learned overall. The problem solving and logical thinking that is learned through STEM education is a great start, but without the ability to nurture the communication skills, collaboration and social skills that are practiced through STEAM. Imagine it this way: if the world was full of people who could just be logical when it came to solving problems, things would be accomplished but they would not take into account how others felt or how they reacted to it.

Overall, art is necessary in the world and STEAM is a great way to include it. By placing the various forms of art into the STEM education, students can get the best of both worlds. Not only will they be able to create intricate renderings of buildings, using math and engineering skills, they also will be able to communicate their ideas and process others’ responses to the possible future building. By injecting STEAM into students’ everyday curriculum, students will be well-rounded and ready to take on anything that is thrown at them, no matter which STEAM skill set is deemed necessary. For further information on Magnolia Charter School, visit

Magnolia STEM School

The Magnolia Public School offers a comprehensive program to students that includes a number of different programs that they can select from for the better understanding of themselves and the unique world around them. Our programs provide top notch education, add value and increase the knowledge and awareness of our students. We emphasize on STEM education, where we focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.